Thursday, May 16, 2013

10 Day COMMIT TO FIT FAQs - Deadline To Register is Saturday May 18th!!

The Deadline to sign up for the 10 Day Commit To Fit Challenge is Saturday, May 18th. This is to ensure that your materials arrive on time before the June 3rd start date.
Below are some FAQs of the program:


1. What can I expect while being on the 10 day COMMIT TO FIT Plan? The program is to get you started on a fitness and nutrition plan for 10 days. You will not reach your ultimate fitness goal within the 10 days because it does take a longer time and commitment. I will help you "get the ball rolling" to move toward whatever your goals may be. I will provide you with all the support and resources you will need to get started on the journey.

2. Will I lose weight on the program? If you ultimate goal is to lose those extra pounds, it is unrealistic to have this occur within the 10 days of the program. Healthy weight loss is a gradual process that takes time and commitment. My 10 day plan is to help you get on that path towards making a positive change in your health.

3. Why do I need to pay $50? Do I even need to consume a shake? For the $50 you receive a 10 day fitness plan, meal plan, shake packets, shake recipes, daily coaching and group support. The shakes can be used as a workout recover or meal replacement. The mixture is from Shakeology and it is loaded with digestive enzymes, healthy proteins and carbohydrates. It is also gluten free and vegan! You can not expect to make a change without combining both exercise and a healthy diet. All of the shake recipes include the shake packets as well as a variety of fruit. You will get plenty fibre, vitamins, antioxidants from these shake recipe blends...what is more healthy than that!

4. What if I don't feel I received all that I paid for? If you feel that the 10 Day Commit To Fit program under-delivered on all that was promised, then I will return your money for a full refund.

Contact me soon to reserve your spot!

The deadline to register is Saturday May18th. 
Our next session starts June 3rd!
To reserve your spot, please register by clicking on our logo below.

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