Friday, May 17, 2013

Hot Yoga...My New Thing!

I have recently participated in three hot yoga classes this past week.  And I have to say...I am now absolutely hooked on this class!!  Even though the first couple classes were a bit painful and awkward, I felt so great afterwards  I will back up a bit and explain as to why I am now pursuing more yoga into my fitness routine.  My naturopath, whom I have been seeing for over a year, recommended that I add more yoga exercises to be more compatible with my Dosha, which isPitta.  For those of who whom aren't familiar with Doshas, it is a 5,000 year old Ayurvediv philosophy that provides the "Science For Life".  It states that once you know your Dosha, you are able to come more compatible with your inner being in the way your eat and live.  Since I am a Pitta type, I need to be more compatible with calming, cool things.  This is why I drink tea instead of coffee, as well as more lentils instead of beef. 
So for exercise, my naturopath who is always on my case about incorporating less strenuous exercise and more calming, stretching type exercise like yoga.  I told him that I would compromise because there is no way I am giving up my running.  We basically agreed that I would run one day less a week and add 3 yoga sessions per week. The yoga classes a lot of more challenging then a gave them credit for.  I do feel like an absolute novice trying to do things such as inversions and other fancy poses.  Though I am very competitive with myself, so one day, I will get there!! 
With the long weekend coming up, I didn't discuss with my naturopath the amount of alcohol that is acceptable, since it is not compatible with Pitta.  I guess what he doesn't know won't hurt me!!





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